The Wild Sonnets: Volume VI (501-600)

The Wild Sonnets: Volume VI (501-600)

By Nicholas Korn | Poet of The Wild Sonnets

Published in 2023. See the gallery below for selections from this book. 

Reviews for The Wild Sonnets: Volume VI

Poetry That Soars
The Wild Sonnets are filled with exquisite wordplay, turns of phrase that weave, bob, lurch, sway, and surprise. The themes are rich with heart, yet universal. Need guidance from the universe? Simply thumb through the volume, pick a page, and delight at the message you will surely find therein. Volume Six has arrived. What a legacy. Well done Mr. Korn!
Morgan G. | Trucker, Rocker & Hooligan | Kansas City, MO

Poetry That Hits Every Level
This is deeply thought-provoking poetry, and I'm continually amazed at how well-crafted it all is. He so satisfyingly connects thought and emotion in such beautiful form. “I am a pendulum without an end. On which the counting of my tears depend.”
Laura M. | Singer/Songwriter | San Antonio, TX

Fizzing and Crackling with Inspiration!

I’ve been looking forward to the next Wild Sonnets volume, and now it’s finally landed. This collection exceeds high expectations (based on previous volumes). This is fizzing and crackling with inspiration. “What elements collect to make a life…” These poems do live and breathe a lifetime of experience and reading them touches every emotion along the way. Great work! Recommended reading.
Shem S. | Producer & Musician | Chester, UK