In 2016, I had the idea to create a new variation of the sonnet which would be innovative, modern and unique. The result was a 14-line literary invention I call the Wild Sonnet. There are now six Wild Sonnets books in print, each with 100 poems. A seventh volume is coming soon.

Earlier this year, I started The Wild Sonnets: Out Loud series on YouTube. Each episode features my reading of two poems from the six published volumes. Below are three episodes that collectively showcase one Wild Sonnet from each of the books. If you are interested in getting a special download which includes all 6 books, you will find a button for that below the videos.


The Wild Sonnet takes the 14-line structure of the traditional sonnet and divides it into two stanzas of seven lines, each capped with a rhyming couplet. The five preceding lines are allowed to flow and stray a little from the iambic and pentameter which have been the norm for the form. This is what makes the sonnet wild.

Still, there's more: these poems interweave the prosodic and rhetorical devices – the verbal tricks, ticks and tropes – of classical verse. There is a dedication that is everywhere evident to the music, mystery and meaning that underscores the work of the great English poets of the past.

I do not consider a new Wild Sonnet ready to be included in the series unless it delivers moments of surprise and delight. Every poem in each of the six books has something to take the reader's breath away – a visionary instance on each page. Still, there's no need to take my word for it. The reviews below offer ample testimony to the experiences found in these 6 books.


Each of the 6 Wild Sonnets books features 100 poems. I write one stanza every morning (if I am on schedule), and publish a new collection every year. To read 5 selections from any one of the books, click on the cover image below.


Here's what people are saying about The Wild Sonnets books:

Everything Is Aerial, and Has Its Element of Awe
Nicholas Korn is a poet of incredible energy and verve – of process and vision. It's truly bewildering in its scope, and still growing before our eyes. But these poems are also wild with content – dailiness, observation, philosophical insights, and a stunning sense of purpose. The language is lush, and Korn's approach is reverential toward the history and elegance of the form, while also keeping its eyes and ears in/on the 21st Century.
Matt Hart | Poet & Head of Writing Program – Art Academy of Cincinnati

Great Book, and Impressive Creative Project!
This book is part of an ongoing writing project. One of the most impressive and ambitious creative endeavors I know of. These sonnets talk about life, love, time, and everything we are. It is interesting how the author has kept and changed the sonnet form. They are wild and yet delicate, like a wildflower. Pick a book, then pick a sonnet. You will not regret it.
Manuel Iris | Poet Laureate of Cincinnati (Emeritus)

Poetry That Soars
The Wild Sonnets are filled with exquisite wordplay, turns of phrase that weave, bob, lurch, sway, and surprise. The themes are rich with heart, yet universal. Need guidance from the universe? Simply thumb through the volume, pick a page, and delight at the message you will surely find therein. Volume Six has arrived. What a legacy. Well done Mr. Korn!
Morgan G. | Trucker, Rocker & Hooligan | Kansas City, MO

Poetry That Hits Every Level
This is deeply thought-provoking poetry, and I'm continually amazed at how well-crafted it all is. He so satisfyingly connects thought and emotion in such beautiful form. “I am a pendulum without an end. On which the counting of my tears depend.”
Laura M. | Singer/Songwriter | San Antonio, TX

Fizzing and Crackling with Inspiration!
I’ve been looking forward to the next Wild Sonnets volume, and now it’s finally landed. This collection exceeds high expectations (based on previous volumes). This is fizzing and crackling with inspiration. “What elements collect to make a life…” These poems do live and breathe a lifetime of experience and reading them touches every emotion along the way. Great work! Recommended reading.
Shem S. | Producer & Musician | Chester, UK

Substance and Form Come Together in Beauty
Nicholas Korn brings the stuff of life into a boiling pot, contemplating the very essence of humanity. He delves into the broken heart, the loss of friendship, the healing of souls, asking and answering questions that are at our core. This is his best work yet.
Alissa S.| Poet & Attorney | Cincinnati, OH


Most of my years leading up to The Wild Sonnets were spent in the theater. A verse comedy of mine, Delirium's Daughters, was produced Off-Broadway in 2015. Before that, I ran a classical theater company in Cincinnati, OH which staged over 23 productions in the city's main arts center. I also studied acting at the National Shakespeare Conservatory in NYC. I mention this because I endeavor to bring a real sense of drama to each of these brief, 14-line poems, and there is an echoing sense of soliloquy in nearly every one of the Wild Sonnets.