The Wild Sonnets: Volume V (401-500)

The Wild Sonnets: Volume V (401-500)

By Nicholas Korn | Poet of The Wild Sonnets

Published in 2023. See the gallery below for selections from this book. 

Reviews for The Wild Sonnets: Volume V

Everything Is Aerial, and Has Its Element of Awe
Nicholas Korn is a poet of incredible energy and verve – of process and vision. It's truly bewildering in its scope, and still growing before our eyes. But these poems are also wild with content – dailiness, observation, philosophical insights, and a stunning sense of purpose. The language is lush, and Korn's approach is reverential toward the history and elegance of the form, while also keeping its eyes and ears in/on the 21st Century.
Matt Hart | Poet & Head of Writing Program – Art Academy of Cincinnati

Great Book, and Impressive Creative Project!
This book is part of an ongoing writing project. One of the most impressive and ambitious creative endeavors I know of. These sonnets talk about life, love, time, and everything we are. It is interesting how the author has kept and changed the sonnet form. They are wild and yet delicate, like a wildflower. Pick a book, then pick a sonnet. You will not regret it.
Manuel Iris | Poet Laureate of Cincinnati (Emeritus)

Touching, beautiful and So on Point!
Nicholas Korn's Wild Sonnets resonate the stuff of our lives. They will touch you and speak to you in the way that life speaks to you. This is a must read. 
Alissa S.| Poet & Attorney | Cincinnati, OH